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Founded as a human sized company that produces drawings for your projects with an in depth understanding of the construction and installation offshore, Xela Solution keeps developing a diverse portfolio of successful capital projects support in the industry.

At Xela Solution, we are proud of the work we have done. It stands as a testament to type of care and attention we will generate for your project.



Xela Solution portfolio encompasses installation and operation projects including offshore pipelines and structures, windmill and renewable energy support.


We can also support general civil construction works, aeronautics and automobile sectors.


We are providing drawing and engineering to industry leaders.


We have been delivering installation drawings for the most well known oil and gas company. Some of our clients could be :

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Xela Solution

37 rue de Prat

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Phone : +33(0) 782 472 319

Email : info@xelasolution.com


SIRET : 511 737 470 00019

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New York Gasoline Shortage Brews on Fallout From EU Russia Ban
New York and much of the East Coast are at risk of a gasoline shortage this summer.
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DOE Awards $118Mn To Accelerate Domestic Biofuel Production
The US DOE has announced $118Mn in funding for 17 projects to accelerate the production of sustainable biofuels for US transportation and manufacturing needs.
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USA Drops 3 Gulf of Mexico Rigs
The U.S. dropped three rigs in the Gulf of Mexico week on week.
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Wärtsilä Tech Ordered For Latin American Power Plant
Wärtsilä has been contracted to supply engines for a large Latin American power plant.
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IEEFA: Move Away From Fossil Fuels Becoming More Apparent in USA
IEEFA notes that Texas is a prime example of how quickly a shift away from fossil fuels can happen.
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Ecopetrol Bonds Slump as CEO Exits Amid Petro's Exploration Halt
Ecopetrol SA bond prices fell after the company said Felipe Bayon will step down as chief executive officer.
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There Has Not Been a Bullish USA Data Release for 16 Weeks
'None of the past 16 releases have been in one of the four bullish categories'.
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