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Founded as a human sized company that produces drawings for your projects with an in depth understanding of the construction and installation offshore, Xela Solution keeps developing a diverse portfolio of successful capital projects support in the industry.

At Xela Solution, we are proud of the work we have done. It stands as a testament to type of care and attention we will generate for your project.



Xela Solution portfolio encompasses installation and operation projects including offshore pipelines and structures, windmill and renewable energy support.


We can also support general civil construction works, aeronautics and automobile sectors.


We are providing drawing and engineering to industry leaders.


We have been delivering installation drawings for the most well known oil and gas company. Some of our clients could be :

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Xela Solution

3 rue des reservoirs

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Phone : +33(0) 782 472 319

Email : info@xelasolution.com


SIRET : 511 737 470 00019

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Some Refiners Benefiting From Crude-Price Drop
America's biggest fuel makers are taking advantage of low oil prices to capture profits while slowing fuel production.
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US LNG Giant Signaling It May Curb Production
Cheniere Energy has tendered to buy six shipments for delivery to Europe later this year, rare for a company that's a seller of the fuel.
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Saudis Make Good on Oil Wave Promise
The first wave of crude oil is already on its way toward Europe and the US.
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Putin, Trump Agree Sinking Oil Prices Not In Mutual Interest
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump agreed in a phone call Monday that "current oil prices aren't in the interests of our countries."
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Ineos Producing Sanitizer to Help Combat Virus
Ineos revealed Tuesday that it has started producing one million hand sanitizers per month to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.
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BP Issues AGM Warning
BP has outlined that it may not be possible to conduct its annual general meeting as usual this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Neptune Prepared for Prices to be Lower for Longer
Neptune Energy is prepared for prices to be lower for longer, its executive chairman and founder Sam Laidlaw has revealed.
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