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Founded as a human sized company that produces drawings for your projects with an in depth understanding of the construction and installation offshore, Xela Solution keeps developing a diverse portfolio of successful capital projects support in the industry.

At Xela Solution, we are proud of the work we have done. It stands as a testament to type of care and attention we will generate for your project.



Xela Solution portfolio encompasses installation and operation projects including offshore pipelines and structures, windmill and renewable energy support.


We can also support general civil construction works, aeronautics and automobile sectors.


We are providing drawing and engineering to industry leaders.


We have been delivering installation drawings for the most well known oil and gas company. Some of our clients could be :

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Xela Solution

37 rue de Prat

63170 Aubiere



Phone : +33(0) 782 472 319

Email : info@xelasolution.com


SIRET : 511 737 470 00019

APE : 7112B

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Latest News

Oil Up on Increasingly Bullish Backwardation Pattern
Brent highest since 2014 as all indicators appear to point bullish.
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Iran-Backed Houthis Claim Drone Strikes on UAE
It's one of the biggest attacks to date on UAE soil.
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BP Submits Decom Plan For Foinaven FPSO
BP has handed in the decommissioning plan for the iconic Petrojarl Foinaven FPSO located West of Shetland.
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China State Refiners Led Record Oil Processing Volumes
Crude refining climbed to 703.55 million tons, or 14.13 million barrels per day.
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Vitol Group Says Oil Prices May Rise Even More
Oil posted a fourth-straight gain last week.
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North America Adds 63 Rigs Week on Week
North America's rig count now stands at 792.
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USA Announces $420MM Clean Energy Breakthrough Fund
Breakthroughs in basic research will be key to creating the climate solutions that will help achieve President Biden's goal of a zero-emission economy by 2050.
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