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If you have just been awarded a large engineering project and you are facing deficiency of resources, project drawings might not be delivered to your client on time. Xela Solution offers our clients a full range of services from drawings to full procedure development and engineering in some certain cases.


Based on a robust computer aid, backed by experienced draftman skills and engineers with offshore experiences, Xela Solution is providing drafting services for the oil and gas market.


We are providing drafting service for the following :

2D sketches / 3D sketches

Installation procedure story boards

Operation standard procedure story boards

Lift Plan

Deck Plan

Rigging arrangement

Fit up checks

And if needed our full certified engineers can join your ship for offshore drafting support



Our main domains of expertise are :

Pipeline laying


Structure installation


Subsea operation



Xela Solution seeks out professional engineers and construction specialists renowned for their industry expertise. All personnel had an extensive offshore operation background, that our main strength.


Based on a solid experience of operation on site, our solution are:


Cost effective

Delivered on time
Delivered even faster with an express package option, if you have tight deadline to meet
Right the first time, based on bullet point procedures, we understand your needs
Providing you some further thoughts in case we find something wrong

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Xela Solution

37 rue de Prat

63170 Aubiere



Phone : +33(0) 782 472 319

Email : info@xelasolution.com


SIRET : 511 737 470 00019

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